August 27, 2009

Irony defined

Pay attention, Alanis, because this is how it's actually done:

The Met Office's new supercomputer has scored it's second own goal since it was unveiled with much fanfare in May.

After tempting the nation into holidaying in Britain by wrongly forecasting a "barbecue Summer", it has now earned the Met Office's Exeter headquarters the shame of being named as one of the most polluting buildings in Britain.

By the time it reaches peak performance in 2011 the £30 million machine's massive processing power - it can perform 125 trillion calculations per second - will require 1.2 megawatts of power to run, enough energy to power a small town.

As a result it will contribute 12,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide to the problem of global warming every year.

Which assumes that gorebell wormering is actually caused by carbon dioxide (see the two posts directly below) but having a "climate change supercomputer" as one of Britain's worst polluters is still pretty fucking funny.

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