September 24, 2010

Where Great Britain used to be

What's the opposite of LOL?
Okay, we've all seen the story about the guys being arrested for burning the Koran in the place where Great Britain used to be*

Click on "Fail Brittania" on the right sidebar and you'll see story after story about yobs running wild, law abiding people who defend themselves going to jail, a veteran finding a shotgun, turning it into police and then being charged and convicted for possessing a firearm, grandmothers with their husband's WWII or WWI service revolver going to jail.

So what could be worse? Having your house stolen.
Residents have told how gangs break into their homes, change the locks and then move in ‘tenants’ who claim squatters’ rights.

Get it? You step out and when you get home your locks are changed and someone claims your house.
So the police come and kick their asses out..... oh wait, it's (Used to be) Great Britain
The victims return to find aggressive, knife-wielding East­ern Europeans who refuse to let them into their own home – while police say they are powerless to act without a court order.

Notice the knife wielding bit, if you're a law abiding type you need a note from the laird to buy a pizza cutter but these house stealers can threaten you and keep your house.
Unbelievabile. Someone breaks into my house while I"m out I have them arrested, (after warning the police they might be well armed if they got into my gun safe) in Supine Britain, they keep your house. You're SOL.

Hmmmm, maybe SOL is the opposite of LOL. I tried to type LOL backwards but it kept coming up LOL.

Link from SondraK who knows what power is and has the best comment box in the blogosphere.

*Line stolen from Say Uncle, but I can't find the post

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