September 09, 2009

Same difference

Ace writes about the White House attacking Palin.

At first he wrote that he thought they were afraid, and then seemed to start thinking maybe they're trying to tie her to anti-Obamacare because she's so stupid and unpopular.

Interesting either way, but I don't think it matters either way.

Update:I put the rest under the fold, it's too long. I need a couple layers of editors.
H/T Ace via Veeshir
(edited for stray apostrophe, I know there are misspellings in there, I did it on purpose)
If they're afraid of her (I'm leaning this way), they should be. She wrote something on freaking Facebook about "death panels" and even with the concerted effort of Minitru, the sycophantic part of the leftosphere, the White House and, literally, an act of Congress, they haven't recovered a month later, people are still talking about "death panels".
So if they're afraid, they're acting stupidly because attacking her only makes them look like fools as they lose (I figure that's why they're staying away from Cheney lately).

And the other alternative, they think she's worthless so they're using her to make something else unpopular is just as bad.

Attacking her then is like sending a letter to the mad mullahs that they ignore, it makes you look smaller and them look bigger.
Harry Joe American hears this and says
Wow, the President is attacking Sarah Palin over healthcare. I'm against their healthcare deal. Maybe she's smarter than I thought.

Attacking her either way is ig'nant because she's smarter than Obama and Biden put together.
Okay, that's not fair, I'm smarter than Stephen Hawking and Biden put together.

She's smarter than Obama and Rahm on his best day. The less attention she gets the better off for them.

But they can't defend their healthcare plan, because they really do want the NHS here. They don't care if service is bad, they care about controlling it. Then,  their campaigns will just have to be "The GOP wants to take away your healthcare, they want you to die!!!"
So they have to attack people, it's the only line of defense for the indefensible.

(Disclaimer: I'm rooting for Palin, if Romney or the Huckster is the candidate in 2012 I might really move to western Colorado to my own well-armed canyon/compound).

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