July 25, 2008

You might not want to go casually tossing around the "S" word

Yes, I know this was just a joke, but the kind of people who might be encouraged are not exactly renowned for their keen sense of humor:

The man who could become Britain's next prime minister joked Thursday that he was thinking about bringing in Sharia law for bicycle thieves after having his own bike stolen outside a London supermarket.

"I'm contemplating introducing Sharia law for bicycle theft," said the leader of the main opposition Conservative Party, David Cameron, referring to the Islamic law code, after thieves took his bike as he stopped to pick up groceries near his west London home.

I suppose I'd be pissed if someone gaffled my bike, too, but I don't think I'd go to the press and suggest slicing the thief's hand off.  Especially not in Londonistan.

Anyway, the part of this story that's actually pretty funny is that Cameron can only blame his own dumb ass for the theft:

Cameron told London's Evening Standard newspaper earlier that he chained the mountain bike through the wheel around a three-foot (0.9-metre) tall bollard but when he emerged from the shop it had disappeared.

A "bollard" is apparently a post in whatever crazy language it is that they speak over there, and chaining you bike to a three-foot-tall post is basically a recipe for FAIL in any language.

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