April 01, 2010

Win Britannia!

Well I see the British certainly know how to control their populace. the people know their place over there, even when they're ostensibly harmless grandmothers, as is the case in this instance.

And what did this geriatric miscreant do? Why defy authorities and create an atmosphere of disrespect for good order all while placing a helpless animal in peril.
Her offence was to unwittingly sell a goldfish to a 14-year-old boy taking part in a trading standards 'sting'.

While the sentence was lenient but fair, a mere 1000 Pound fine and 2 months curfew with electronic anklet to ensure she obeys the ruling (we can see she's not so good at obeying), this should send a serious message to other potential criminals.
And thus showing that this operation was a efficient use of police resources. Why waste scarce police man-hours chasing burglars they're never going to catch, who can't pay exorbitant fines, when they can catch store owners who can pay for the privilege of police protection?

It is beyond me why my ancestors left such a wondrous realm.
Ah well, I'll just have to set myself the thankless task of bringing good, old, royalist order to the colonies.

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