April 12, 2010

Win Al Britain!

I think we're past the tipping point, it shouldn't be "Fail Britannia" any longer, it should be Win Britarabia! or Al Britain! or something.
Britian is in the limbo between Dar al Harb and Dar al Islam. 
Case in point
The court accepted that the earlier shoe-throwing incident was simply a ritual form of protest and therefore not a criminal act of violence,” Holt said.

Judge Denniss agreed that the act of shoe-throwing should not be considered in a charge of violent disorder against the student because it was “a symbolic” political gesture.

Now Muslims, and Muslims only, will be allowed to throw shoes in protest.

So we have people going to jail for defending themselves and others not going to jail for throwing objects at other people.
Look for someone to go to jail for responding to a thrown shoe, and the Brits will sit there and take it.
They are so screwed.

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