July 25, 2008

Where would we be without Welsh scientists?

You know, your country might have a little problem with the sauce if you need scientists to redesign your streets so they're safer for drunks:

Scientists have decided that redesigning streets to make them more user-friendly for drunks could help reduce conflict and violence.

After using computer simulations based on the Welsh to mimic the movements of people staggering home after a good night out, researchers came to the staggering realisation that drunk people trip over things.

You don't say. Next they'll tell us that the booze these people drink tends to be full of alcohol.

The researchers plan to investigate how moving street obstacles or increasing pedestrianisation might ease congestion around nightspots, New Scientist magazine reported.

The model could also be used to look at the effect of a new bar or fast-food outlet opening in a crowded city centre.

They hope to come up with street designs that direct late-night revellers safely home to their beds instead of into the path of trouble.

They've found that staggering drunks are a problem because they get in people's way, making them possible "targets of violence." I'm sure that the people staggering around in the streets of Wales drunk off their asses are never, ever the instigators of violence themselves. I mean, when has that ever happened?

(Via Moron Central)

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