August 30, 2009

What's the opposite of "Great"?

I needed this, it's about funny.
In Britain, if you leave your car unlocked, the cops are stealing your stuff to teach you a lesson.
In most places, according to the article, they send you a letter telling you to lock your car, in Twittenham...errr... Twickenham, they're taking your stuff and leaving a letter to tell you to come to the police station to retrieve it.

I assume they make you stand in the corner and go to bed without dinner too.

If you just leave your car unlocked or leave valuables visible in a locked car, they send you a warning letter.
My favorite quote
We have had a bit problem with thefts from cars, so we decided to be a bit more innovative," said Superintendent Jim Davis, the officer behind the initiative.
Cuz catching criminals is hard. It's so much safer and easier to deal with law-abiding people.

I gotta tell you, if this happened here, I wouldn't go to the police station to get my stuff, I would go to court and charge them with theft.

If they started doing it and I heard about it before it got to me, I would try to rig up a bag like they give bank robbers, where when you open it you get a blast of paint in the face.

What would be more fun than saying, "Hey, it's my property, I didn't tell you to go in my car" to some blue-faced nanny/cop?

They've gone back to being serfs. The laird of the land is telling them what to do and they're meekly doing it.
H/T The Agitator

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