August 09, 2008

What ever happened to just lying back and thinking of England?

Somehow, I don't think the old stereotypes about English women being frigid and sexless apply here:

A British woman was fined nearly $600 by a Brighton and Hove City Council for being too loud while having sex with her boyfriend.

Neighbors of Kerry Norris, 29, complained that the 29-year-old woman yells out obscenities and screams during the all-night love-making sessions with her boyfriend Adam Hinton.

Neighbors in the three-story apartment building, who had been complaining for two years, said Norris’ headboard would bang so hard against the wall until 6 a.m. that the occupants of adjoining flats would have to sleep in other rooms.

Now, I'm not sure, since the article doesn't include a picture of Ms. Norris, but since it says that "Complaints against Norris also include that she sunbathes naked in the garden in full view of workmen," I'm guessing she's not a super-attractive woman. That, or she lives in a neighborhood full of gay workmen.

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