September 08, 2009

What could possibly go wrong?

Gee, I'm sure that under ObamaCare, nothing like this could ever happen...

Rosemary Munkenbeck says her father Eric Troake, who entered hospital after suffering a stroke, had fluid and drugs withdrawn and she claims doctors wanted to put him on morphine until he passed away under a scheme for dying patients called the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP).

Mrs Munkenbeck, 56, from Bracknell, said her father, who previously said he wanted to live until he was 100, has now said he wants to die after being deprived of fluids for five days.

Well, good for you, Mr. Troake. That will certainly help to keep that pesky "cost curve" down.

Along with her sister Jocelyn Troake, 60, who lived in Bermuda until recently moving to Frimley, Surrey, to care full time for her father and her mother Edna, 93, they are convinced their father is a victim of the system.

Last week The Daily Telegraph reported a warning from experts that some patients with terminal illnesses were being wrongly put on the NHS scheme and allowed to die prematurely if they ticked “the right boxes".

The pathway scheme was developed to improve the care of patients in their dying hours and ensure that they were not being "overmedicalised".

In other words, if you've got a loved one who goes into the hospital with a serious medical condition (a real no-stress situation right there) and they fill out a form incorrectly (I'm sorry, if they "ticked 'the right boxes'"), the staff of the government-run establishment can just let them die. You know, so they aren't "overmedicalised."

While that may seem a bit callous, on the other hand, just think of the savings!

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