August 13, 2009

We don't need no stinking death panels

I hadn't searched my nic in a long time, over a year probably, so I did it today. It was fun, since I'm my own best audience (I laugh at my own jokes and always have, if I didn't think they were funny, I wouldn't say them) I've been finding a lot of stuff to make me laugh.
Some, not so much.
Unfortunately, the link in the story is dead, but Tim of Tim Worstall's blog quotes it, I found this by searching for one of the Drs in the post

The detective work of Dr Claire Royston (Opine Consultancy) has led to a coroner demanding a public inquiry into claims that 11 hospital patients were deliberately starved to death.
Peter Ashworth, the coroner for Derby, believes that it could be Britain's first case of forced 'mass euthanasia'.

They starved 11 old dudes to death. At first the cops said they saw no reason to investigate. Get it? 11 people starved to death and there's no reason to investigate. Our future if Obamacare gets done.

Quote from a family member of one of the useless mouths:
We kept being told that feeding him would be bad for his general health, and he was too frail to tell us otherwise,' he said.

Get it? They lied in order to kill these guys and the poor families have the rest of their lives to live with their guilt at being so stupid as to believe the bastards (I'm not blaming, I'm just noting that people feel guilty for stuff that's not really their fault, we're stupid that way)

The story is heart-breaking as you read about them stretching their hands out for food going to others but they got none.
And it helps the "healthcare professionals", no messy arguments with relatives about euthanasia drugs, just starve them to death. No fuss, no muss.
There is now increasing concern across Britain about the way hospitals appear to be hastening the deaths of elderly patients. These issues are being raised by the National Media.
Police in Leeds and Hampshire are also looking into similar cases. Investigations are underway into the unexpected deaths of 62 patients - all pensioners - who had been admitted for postoperative rehabilitation at the Gosport War Memorial hospital in Hampshire.

No death panel, just a bunch of bureaucrats deciding that they need to kill these folks so they can afford other stuff, like soap and clean sheets. This was around 2000, the deaths were in the late 90s. Now, I'm sure they hide these things.

This might be the story linked by Tim with this loveliest of murderousness

Quote from the judge in the inquest
He said that if "food and fluid was withdrawn at a time when they were perfectly capable of accepting it all because it was arbitrarily decided that it was time for them to die", it would amount to a policy that had been "totally unacceptable since the dark ages".

So far so good, "Why are you so pissed off?" you ask (Definitely with lots of cussing, you foulmouthed bunch)
Because he didn't stop there
"If it should transpire that food and fluids were withdrawn in good faith and in the not unreasonable belief that it was in their best interests as the lesser of two evils,

They starved the poor bastards to death and it was in good faith as the lesser of two evils? What was the other choice? Starving dogs fighting over their carcasses? Hung on the battlements for crows to peck out their eyes? Covered with honey and staked on an anthill?
Judge Mengele wasn't done
 it would be grossly unfair to record a verdict other than that of death by natural causes."

Purposely starved to death is "natural causes" if it's in good faith as the lesser of two evils? The greater evil is, of course, paying for them. 
The verdict?
The inquest at Derby's Pride Park heard it was common for severe dementia patients not to be given food and drink. Chris Gawne, a solicitor for some of the families in the case, said after the verdict, "The families are relieved that the inquests have now come to a conclusion and are confident that the causes of these patient's deaths have been properly and rigorously examined. The families can take comfort in the fact that their loved ones died solely because they reached the end of their natural lives." A consultant psychiatrist had told the inquest earlier that not feeding patients could be in their "best interests".

I'm pretty sure that's English for "Screw you, now shut up and like it."

See?For one of the few times in his presidency Obama was telling the truth, they don't need no stinking death panels, all they need are bureaucrats looking at the fact that their hospital doesn't have enough money to go around so the people with the least to lose and little or no ability to dispute the decision get to die  and then they get officialdom to explain exactly why it was for the best.

Don't click any of the links unless you have something to beat handy. Luckily, my dog loves a good beating.

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