October 22, 2010

They're what we thought they were

In Ace's headlines we see this story about some Dutch Apache pilots refusing to go below 5000 meters (per orders I presume) to help some Australian, US and Afghan soldiers fighting some Taliban. Heavily armed and heavily armored Apaches. you know, Apache gunships designed for close combat support.
Some of the good guys died in the firefight.

Geoff asks, "Are Dutch the new French?" I'm not picking on him, I've seen some others have the same reaction.
Apparently not remembering Sebrenica where Dutch forces sat on their hands during a lovely massacre because of "orders".
Imagine some US Soldiers or Marines obeying those orders.
I don't see them getting those orders, but even if we let them put on Blue Helmets I'd still bet they wouldn't sit there and let people be massacred.

So are they the new French?
I'll let Dennis Green answer that. (for Bears read "The Dutch")

If your life depends on EUniks fighting for you, well, make sure your will is filled out and you're at peace with your maker.

I put this in Fail Britannia because there's no "Fail Florin" (Fail Guilder?) or Fail EUnuchstan categories and I now know what LLAPH means (Thanks Sean!)

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