January 04, 2009

Socialized Medicine+Emergency Childbirth=Arrggghhh!!

Behold the future if Obamacare is thrust upon us.

Research has shown a C-section in those circumstances would almost certainly have saved Dylan.

A few weeks after the tragedy, Clare – who is speaking out in the hope of preventing other mums-to-be facing the same heartbreak – met Royal Shrewsbury Hospital bosses.

Dr Adam Gornhill, the consultant who delivered Dylan, confirmed that Dylan could have lived if she had gone into labour 12 hours earlier – when an anaesthetist would have been on duty.

He told her: “There was nobody to do the C-section because there was no anaesthetist. If it had been 12.25 in the daytime there would have been a team on. We have to work within our limitations. It’s a resource policy decision.”

The revelations provide a snapshot of the crisis on maternity wards across the NHS and will heap more pressure on the Government to improve standards.

Dylan’s tragically short life ended six years ago. Last month the hospital finally agreed compensation, an undisclosed five-figure sum.

Clare, 38, of Madeley, Telford, said: “How can it be right that because I gave birth at night my son had less chance of survival?

“I don’t blame the doctors because they did all they could. But who is making these decisions and saying things should be this way in the NHS? If you need a C-section you should be able to have one – night or day.

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