February 24, 2010

Nannarchy in the UK

So. Your wee spawn has a birthday and gets some birthday cash. Being a good dad, you take your kid to the mall to let him spend his cash. Boyo is on one of the little rides and, like a proud parent, you whip out your phone to take a picture.

At which point, a security guard comes over and tells you that you can't do that and implies you're a pedophile. You leave in a huff only to be confronted by the cops who tell you to delete the picture and threaten to arrest you for disturbing the peace.  Oh and btw the security guards reported you as a suspicious pedo.

Not to get us on another watch list, here's the shocking photo:

(Loser boy on the left is the guard) (Also that train is clown scary)

This is where we're at, ladies and gents.  Take a picture of your own kid doing the most innocent thing possible and OMG PEDO.  I'd say this is just Fail Brittania but I recall hearing mention of similar accusations being made here in the States.  Of course, here in the States the security guard would probably have been popped one as serves him right.

I've said it before but it bears repeating:  I will no longer have any interaction with a child in public and I will not be alone with a child at any point in time.  If I were still a good church going girl, I would not teach Sunday School.  I would not babysit during the services.  I would not play with the kids at the church picnic.  There's far far far too much risk with no reward. 

The presumption that every adult, especially every male adult, is a budding pedophile is utterly chilling. 

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