September 18, 2009

What's after "fail"?

Via Say Uncle we find another example of Britain circling the bowl.

So some thugs invade a family's home and said they were going to kill them all.

One of the kids in the family escaped so two of the thugs ran away.
The father and some other family members grabbed the remaining thug and beat the shit out of him.
Yay! right?
Judge John Reddihough freed the brothers on bail until October 9, but warned them that this did not mean they would not be jailed. The maximum sentence for GBH with intent is life.

And the thug can sue them.
And check out the players in this little drama.
The thug
The court heard that Salem, from Borehamwood, had a long criminal record, with over 50 convictions.

The homeowner who's been convicted of defending his home.
In contrast, Munir Hussain, an engineer by training, had an impeccable character. He came to Britain in 1964 and founded a company which employs nine people and had a £2.4million turnover last year.
In 2004 he won the Business Link small business of the year award. He is a former chairman of the Wycombe Race Equality Council and chairman of the Asian Business Council, which he helped found.

So contributing members of society are punished while thugs are rewarded.
That's not exactly a formula for societal advance.
But leftist do-gooders get to feel better about themselves, so that's something.

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