March 25, 2009

I'll take a smug and tonic with a wedge of sanctimony

I didn't think it was possible that something could make me not want to drink vodka, but this comes pretty damn close...

TRU Organic Spirits is putting the friendly back in environmentally friendly. Not only are its lemon- and vanilla-infused vodkas and their aromatic gin completely certified USDA organic, but the Monrovia, California-based company plants at least one seedling in Central America (through its nonprofit partner Sustainable Harvest) for every bottle sold--that's 50,000 last year.

TRU commissioned an independent report, to be released next week, showing that each tree planted has the potential to absorb 790 square kilos of carbon dioxide, whereas the carbon footprint of each bottle in its relatively lightweight packaging is merely 1.04 square kilos--making the product an eye-popping 760 times carbon negative!

At that rate, a single glass would be enough to offset your carbon footprint for a day. At the upscale hotels (Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott) and restaurants where TRU is mainly sold, the company distributes certificates showing how many trees the patrons have planted so far that year--a virtuous selling point that may make a $12 vodka tonic easier to swallow.

Yeah, if some stupid piece of paper makes you feel better about paying twelve bucks for a vodka tonic, you're a fucking idiot.

Me, I just drink Val-U-Rite vodka (which costs less than $12 per bottle) from inefficiently-manufactured plastic jugs which I throw into a storm drain that empties directly into the Pacific Ocean.  Take that, Mother Earth!

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