September 21, 2009

I will say the same thing, just with added profanity

The Anchoress has an excellent point about how demeaning the whole "oh don't eat in front of the poor wee Muslims during Ramadan" is to Muslims.

Look, I work with a bunch of really, really, really, REALLY Catholic people and I joke every year that I want a list of what they give up for Lent so I can eat it in front of them.  Yes, it's a joke (even though I totally do it) because the entire point of fasting is to resist temptation and to give things up.  I've done religious fasts in the past and, for one of them, one of the tests was to go to dinner with others and still maintain the fast.  It's a sign of devotion to be able to do so in the face of direct temptation.

So this ever so helpful advice is actually an insult because it implies that a person of faith is so weakwilled as to need a pat on the head and help from others.  Yeah.  No.

Or, to include the profanity, stop being fucktards.  Not only does this piss of others for treating Islamic faith differently, it should piss off those who practice that faith by pretty much blatantly stating that they're too weak to actually abide by their faith.  That's not insulting at all.

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