January 30, 2010

I say, chaps, do as we say, not as we, erm, do

I don't understand how the Brits were able to rule the largest empire in the world when they can't even manage to get shit like this right...

The Government’s controversial equality watchdog was last night accused of ‘rank hypocrisy’ for flouting its own policies on fair pay.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission has angered business leaders by ordering a crackdown on hard-pressed companies that fail to pay the same rates to employees doing similar work.

But official figures show that more than two years after it was set up to stamp out discrimination, the commission is paying its own ethnic minority workers almost ten per cent less than white staff – an embarrassment for its black chairman Trevor Phillips.

I don't care what color he is; that ought to be an embarrassment for anyone. When you're running the government agency that's supposed to "stamp out discrimination" and you're discriminating against your own fucking employees, that's some FAIL right there.

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