August 30, 2008

FAIL Brittannia!

Could these people be any more clueless about firearms and human nature?  Via The Drawn Cutlass, we get this report about the rampant illegal gun trade in the UK

Weapons are pouring in from Eastern Europe (Poland in particular), soldiers and others are smuggling them in from Afghanistan and Iraq, some are smuggled in from lesser or non-Nanny States, and there's a pretty solid homegrown illegal gun trade too. 

Apparently a lot of deactivated guns in Britain are now being sold on the black market and are rebuilt to fire in clandestine workshops.  Shotguns and sawed-off shotguns are the cheapest to acquire and are less popular because they are often awkward to carry and don't offer the street cred of a semi-auto pistol or even a full auto firearm. 

I have to laugh at this,

"Everyone wants to be a gangster now, mainly the kids. You have five or six in a little crew and one of them will be carrying. They want handguns - shotguns are too big and bulky. The sawn-off doesn't look so good but use a machine gun and you get known as a heavy guy. They have them just to be a chap on the street, to pose. Some of them walk around all day with a .38. It's 16-year-olds at it and it's getting like America, silly as it sounds."

Yeah, except if a 16 year old pulls a gun on one of us in Silly America, we at least have the right to have our own to defend ourselves and draw our own pistol, your life is completely in the hands of some stupid teen gangsta wannabe chav with a pistol.   Pretty silly to live at the mercy of common street thugs like that if you ask me,

The Guardian's source said that guns were becoming a first rather than a last recourse. "A gun used to be used as a mediator; now everything is revolved with a gun. It's brought the heat on everyone. Before you would get a two [years jail sentence], now it's a five. It's getting like the US now, like The Wire. It's like a prediction of what will happen here. I think they all think they're playing Grand Theft Auto. It's madness out there."

Yeah, except we weren't dumb enough to give up our guns.  Hope you Brits enjoy living at the mercy of street thugs and your increasingly fascistic government, because that's where things appear to be headed.

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