September 25, 2009

Dummy Harry

Some idjit police officer holding a UK "gun awareness" class for emergency workers, decided to load up a .44 magnum revolver the police keep as an example (they kept blanks and real cartridges in the same box, unmarked of course) and then fired it at one of the emergency workers...

Uh, yeah, not a blank,

The bullet hit Keith Tilbury, 51, causing devastating injuries, Southwark Crown Court in London was told.

Mr Tilbury underwent five hours of life-saving surgery for an “exploded” bowel and kidney, as well as lung and liver damage. He was unconscious for 12 days and has not returned to work.

Hadn't returned to work, you say?  Please tell me that's dry British humor that's passing over my ignorant 'murican head, dude is damn lucky to even be alive at this point.  And I'm not gonna fault the idjits who had the blanks and live ammunition mixed together either, though they're stupid too, the officer shouldn't have pointed the revolver at someone, even if it was loaded with blanks, or completely unloaded for that matter.


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