April 09, 2010

Death panels? What death panels?

When that silly Snowbilly rube Sarah Palin mentioned "death panels" on her stupid Facebook page, she didn't know what the fuck she was talking about, right? Right?

A dying mother last night became the human face of an election battle over the NHS.

Nikki Phelps, 37, who has a rare glandular cancer, has been refused the only drug that could prolong her life.

Despite pleas from her consultant, her local NHS trust says it will not meet the £100-a-day cost.

Labour ministers promised more than a year ago to give sufferers of rare cancers easier access to life-extending drugs.

But the rationing body NICE has since refused to approve ten such drugs. Experts say the rulings cut short up to 20,000 lives.

Note that Palin's detractors were correct, by the way. It's a "rationing body," not a "death panel." And it's even called "NICE." In your face, Sarah!

Also, just imagine how much they've been able to bend that awful, awful "cost curve" downward. Totally worth it.

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