April 12, 2010

Britain takes small step toward sanity

The headline looks good enough -- "Foreign workers 'to face English tests'", but it oversells the actual policy.

Apparently, the policy is only for public sector workers:

English tests will be made compulsory for all public sector migrant workers, under manifesto pledges to be announced by Gordon Brown today.

All workers in contact with the public - such as nurses, community support officers, social workers and call centre staff - will have to pass a test to get a job.

At present, the requirement covers only doctors from outside Europe, police officers and teachers.

I was so hoping to post a "Win Britannia!", but no, this is a "FAIL slightly less catastrophically Britannia!"

[Insert joke here about Scots language.]

Last week it emerged that virtually every extra job created since Labour came to power in 1997 has gone to a foreign worker.

Figures suggested an extraordinary 98.5 per cent of 1.67million new posts were taken by immigrants.

The Tories seized on the revelation as evidence that the Government has totally failed to deliver its pledge of 'British jobs for British workers'.

So yeah, that's a pretty big FAIL for ya.

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