February 22, 2009

Big Brother is picking through your trash

In Formerly Great Britain, the Garbage Man and the Tax Man will be working together from now on:

Waste collection crews are being issued with devices featuring GPS technology that allow councils to store a history of information about individual rubbish collections, including whether householders are failing to recycle properly.

The system feeds binmen with up-to-the minute information about houses they are visiting.

It also provides local authorities with enough information to issue recycling advice or automated fines to residents who fail to obey bin rules.

Opposition MPs and campaigners say the technology will make it easy for the government to resurrect plans for the introduction of a £50 pay-as-you-throw tax on millions of families.

I hope to God that nobody else here in California reads British newspapers, or else this scheme will be in place in about a week and a half.

Obligatory video follows:

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