June 29, 2009

Just In Case You Doubted The Pure Evil Of The Mullahs In Iran

Check out this video of the Basiji shooting from rooftops at the protesters.

Ok, you Raw Story fucktwits, consider this the next time you get the outrage meter up to the "oh, noes!" level. Do you really think it was a bad thing that we on our side were celebrating when a few Basiji went all explode-y a few days ago?


If you are still upset, then you officially are on the side of the evildoers, and should just fuck off and then get fucked sideways for good measure.

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June 26, 2009

Shocka! The Mad Mullahs Are Shitbag Asshammers

Look at what the Mullahs are making Neda's father do now.

Thanks to Treacher

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June 16, 2009

Simple things you can do to help Iranians

Here is a helpful guide for those wishing to do something for the Iranian people.  For example:

4. Help cover the bloggers: change your twitter settings so that your location is TEHRAN and your time zone is GMT +3.30. Security forces are hunting for bloggers using location and timezone searches. If we all become 'Iranians' it becomes much harder to find them.

I've done that, and I'd hope that you would, too.  Also Twitter-related, redact usernames when you retweet information from someone in Iran. 

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June 14, 2009

Some Insight Into The Iranian Elections

Here is a twitter page from a guy who supports Mousavi

The "Unsurprising Moment of the Riots" award goes to this tweet.

What a shock if Hizbos are helping out their paymasters.

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June 08, 2009

Talk About Animal Cruelty!

Horse bombs?

The Israeli military said its forces returned fire at a group including a few men wearing explosive vests and five horses loaded with explosives.

Israel said the Palestinians opened fire and tried to plant bombs near a crossing on the Gaza-Israel border.

Palestinian officials said about 10 gunmen were involved in the incident.

The Palestinian health ministry, which is run by the Hamas movement that controls Gaza, confirmed that four fighters were killed in the shooting.

Israeli forces fired on the militants with machine guns and tanks backed up with combat helicopters, the military said.

Since the intent was to kill Jews, I doubt PETA will ignore talking about this story.

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May 27, 2009

"High Ranking" Al-Qaida Operative Arrested In Brazil?


The suspect is allegedly a chief of international communications for al Qaeda, according to the report in Folha de S.Paulo, Brazil's largest daily newspaper.

The report did not give the suspect's name or say when he was taken into custody, nor did it provide a source for the information.

The arrest was surrounded by secrecy with the federal police disguising it as part of an investigation into neo-Nazi groups in the country, Folha said. The report also said U.S. authorities were notified of the arrest.

A federal police spokesman in Sao Paulo declined to comment, as did a spokeswoman at the Justice Ministry in Brasilia, the capital.

Good to see Glenn Greenwald can blog AND fight terror at the same time.

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May 25, 2009

Bomb destroys windows at a NYC Starbucks

I wonder if this is the same dirtbag that set a bomb off in front of the NYC Recruitment Center, and apparently the NYPD is thinking the same thing.  Let's hope that the NYPD finds the bastard.

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May 11, 2009

Meanwhile, We Are Worried About A Caterpillar In A Room With A Jihadi

Folks, these are the sick fucks we are fighting.

Doctors are investigating whether dozens of girls were poisoned at a high school in northern Afghanistan on Monday after 61 girls went to the hospital because of sudden illness, officials said.

 Dr. Khalil Farhagga said the 61 students and one teacher from a school in Parwan — one province north of Kabul — complained of irritability, tearing and confusion. Several girls also passed out.

 The mass hospitalization comes about two weeks after a similar incident in Parwan, where dozens of girls were hospitalized in late April after being sickened by what Afghan officials said were strong fumes or a possible poison gas cloud.

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May 07, 2009

Anti-Semitism, French Style

Is it just me, or is the lack of security trying to stop this video a tad disturbing?

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May 01, 2009

In A World Of FAIL, These Fools Are In A League Of Their Own

Anti-Semitism is a well known fact not only in the Arab World, but in places such as our "cultural superiors" in Europe. As a result, I am not surprised by this story.

But the airline denied any anti-Israel agenda and insisted there was a simple explanation: the planes were recently bought from a bankrupt charter company that flew mainly to Muslim countries.

"For this reason the inflight entertainment system in the two planes was made to adapt to the passengers flying to and from those destinations and therefore the map showed mainly places holy to Islam," BMI said in a statement.

BMI, which started operating low-cost flights to Israel more than a year ago, denied it had any ulterior motive in showing the Israel-free maps.

"If BMI had any political agenda in order not to anger neighbouring countries, it would not have invested so much in the Tel Aviv line," it said.

But after furious passengers took up the issue with the authorities, an Israeli official made it clear that either the Jewish state appears on the maps or BMI disappears from its skies.

"Doing business with Israel has its advantages and disadvantages, but we will not agree to a situation where they hide the existence of Israel but want to do business with Israel," transport ministry director-general Gideon Sitterman told army radio.

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April 28, 2009

Taliban taking over Pakistan? No big deal, right?

Really, should be no big deal.

Unless you decide to commit adultery. If the graphic content warning at the beginning of the video isn't enough, here's a graphic content warning for you.

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April 22, 2009

This Cannot Be Good

The Taliban have seized a key area just miles from Pakistan's capital.

A Taliban commander said Islamic Sharia courts would soon be established in the district as they have already done in Swat. Mohammad Khalil said the main objective was to end the "sense of deprivation" among locals and provide speedy justice to the people.

Mian Iftikhar Hussain, the information minister for Northwest Frontier Province, warned that the militants' activities in Buner were in violation of the Swat peace accord. "After the agreement, there is no justification to take up arms," Mr. Hussain said in a statement Wednesday. He denied, however, that the Taliban have total control over the area.

Rehman Malik, the federal home minister, said the government has the option of using force if the Taliban did not withdraw from Buner. A senior military official said a military operation could not be ruled out to stop the Taliban advance.

In Washington, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said the Taliban advances pose "an existential threat" to Pakistan and urged Pakistanis world-wide to oppose a government policy yielding to them.

Pakistanis "need to speak out forcefully against a policy that is ceding more and more territory to the insurgents," Mrs. Clinton said in testimony before a House committee. She pointed to "the seriousness of the existential threat posed to the state of Pakistan by the continuing [Taliban] advances, now within hours of Islamabad."

Analysts said the fall of Buner to the Taliban came as a serious blow to the government's efforts to contain Islamic militancy, which poses a major threat to Pakistan's security. The people of the area had previously beaten back Taliban raids, but lack of support from the security forces broke their resistance.

The development came after Sufi Mohammed, a radical cleric who played a central role in signing the peace accord called his followers to continue their struggle for the enforcement of Islamic rule in the entire North West Frontier Province.

Addressing a large crowd in Mingora, the main town in Swat on Sunday, Mr. Mohammed declared that there was no room for democracy in Islam. "The Western democracy is infidels and should be rejected by Muslims," he said.

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Behold The Tolerance Of The "Anti-Racism" Conference

The man being heckled and called a Zio-Nazi is Elie Wiesel.

Right now, I am at work, and so angry at this video, I am afraid of what I will write, so I will show some self-restraint.

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April 20, 2009


2,791 times too few, in my opinion.

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April 09, 2009

Is The Taliban Using American Firms To Host Websites?


"The relatively cheap expense and high quality of U.S. servers seems to attract jihadists," said Rita Katz, co-founder of the Site Intelligence Group, a private company that monitors the communications of Muslim extremist groups. Even al-Qaeda has sometimes paid American companies to serve as conduits for its hate-filled messages, said Katz, who has tracked such activity since 2003.

Militants' use of U.S. Web hosts has sparked occasional spats between the United States and its allies, as well as endless debates over whether it is better to shut down the Web sites when they're discovered or to let them continue to operate. By allowing them to remain online, intelligence analysts can sometimes discover clues about the leadership and structure of terrorist groups, some analysts say.

"You can learn a lot from the enemy by watching them chat online," said Martin Libicki, a senior policy analyst at the Rand Corp., a nonprofit research organization. Libicki said the bloggers rarely spill secrets, and most are "probably using this more for public affairs rather than recruitment."

"Public affairs," in many cases, means blatantly anti-Western invective and propaganda.

For instance, the Afghan group that rented Web space from ThePlanet offered daily updates on skirmishes between Taliban fighters and U.S. "invaders" and Afghan "puppet army" troops. The Web site, http://www.alemarah1.com, frequently claimed that the group's forces had killed coalition troops and even destroyed warplanes and tanks -- accounts that bear little resemblance to coalition field reports on those dates.

Another Taliban Web site, http://Toorabora.com, continues to operate, using the services of Free Web Town, a user-friendly template service run by Atlanta-based Tulix Systems. The group's site features regular updates about purported attacks on U.S.-led coalition forces and occasional interviews with Taliban leaders and commanders in English and the regional languages of Dari and Pashto.

Correct me if I am wrong, but wasn't FISA intended to monitor this stuff?

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March 31, 2009

Let it not be said that I don't have good timing

Headline: "Taliban Leader Vows To Attack D.C. 'Soon.'"

This weekend I'm moving to DC, about 10 blocks from the Capitol Building and a stone's throw from Nationals Stadium.  Should be fun. 

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March 25, 2009

So, How Has That Whole "Outreach" To The Mullahs Gone?

Umm....not so well.

Crowd: "Death to America! Death to America!"

Ali Khamenei: "Listen... The first thing that the Americans did was to incite the scattered [elements] of the opposition to the Islamic Republic, and to help separatist and terrorist movements in our country. They started doing this from day one. Wherever the separatist movements were present in our country, we have seen the fingerprint of America - in the form of their money, and even their people. This has caused great damage to our people, and unfortunately, it still continues. Those evil people at the border areas of Iran with Pakistan... We have recordings of some of these evil people, and we know that they are connected to Americans. They talk to them via wireless radio, and get their orders from them. These are evil, murderous terrorists, who are connected to American officers in a neighboring country. Unfortunately, this is still going on.

"They started with this, and then they moved on to confiscate and seize Iranian assets and goods. The previous regime had placed enormous amounts of money at the disposal of the Americans, in order to receive airplanes, helicopters, and weapons from them. Some of this equipment was already manufactured there, but when the revolution took place, they did not supply the equipment, nor did they return the billions of dollars. Even more extraordinary - they stored this equipment in some warehouse, and decided by themselves to charge storage fees. They turned themselves into creditors, and deducted storage fees from the account of the Algiers Accord. Plundering the property of another people and keeping it for themselves, and then charging storage fees - this behavior began back then, and it continues to this day.

Mind you, Iran is a dictatorship, and these rallies are not spontaneous.

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February 13, 2009

My Irony Meter Just Went To 11

Buffalo practitioner of the Religion of Peace arrested.

What did this poor victom of religious persecution do to warrant such jackboot thuggery?

A prominent Buffalo area businessman who founded the BridgesTV network to improve the image of Muslims in the U.S. has been arrested and charged with murdering his estranged wife – by beheading her at his company’s office in Orchard Park, N.Y., on Thursday.


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February 06, 2009

Godfather Of Islamic Nukes Released From House Arrest

This should end well.

Abdul Qadeer Khan, the Pakistani scientist accused of selling nuclear secrets, was today freed from five years of house arrest by a court and immediately declared that he can now "lead a normal life".

Khan, lionised as the "father" of Pakistan's atomic bomb, confessed in 2004 to selling nuclear secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya. He was immediately pardoned but detained in his home.

In an interview with the Guardian after this morning's court ruling, the metallurgist said he had no plans to travel abroad or engage in domestic politics. Looking relaxed and well, the 72-year-old strolled in the front garden of his plush villa in Islamabad, playing with a pet dog and receiving well-wishers.

"It's a nice feeling, the worry is gone. I can lead a normal life now, as a normal citizen. It's a fine feeling," he later said by telephone.

Khan was detained in early 2004 after making a televised confession to nuclear proliferation, following intense international pressure on Pakistan. His nuclear trading network had been discovered by western intelligence agents.

A national hero in Pakistan for spearheading the country's nuclear weapons programme, Khan subsequently retracted his confession.

He said that, aside from having to maintain guards around him, he had been freed with the "blessing" of the government, which had been "very helpful".

Khan has been fighting a long-running court case against his detention, saying he had not been convicted of any crime. Under the previous regime, led by the then army chief, Pervez Musharraf, he had little chance of successfully challenging his arrest, but the civilian government has been flagging its wish to see him freed.

Khan's lawyer said the high court had declared him a free citizen. "The court has said as he was not involved in nuclear proliferation or criminal activity, there is no case against him, therefore he is a free citizen," Ali Zafar said.

Last year a United Nations nuclear watchdog said Khan's network smuggled nuclear blueprints to Iran, Libya and North Korea and was active in 12 countries. Last month the US state department imposed sanctions on 13 individuals – two of them British – and three private companies because of their involvement in Khan's network.

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January 20, 2009

Meanwhile, Back On The Frontlines

It seems Arab Media is *shock* helping out Hamas.

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