July 29, 2008

Where I Award My First Ever "Boo Fucking Hoo!" Award

The winner for this session goes to three of the Islamist terrorists who were key players in the 2002 bombing of a nightclub in Bali, Indonesia. These fucktards, through their lawyers, are suing to challenge their death penalty sentences.

Why? Because the bullets from the firing squad might hurt them.

Defence lawyer Mahendradatta foreshadowed a Constitutional Court challenge next week, arguing the convicted terrorists could suffer unnecessary pain if they do not die immediately when the lethal punishment is carried out.

It is seen as another attempt to delay the executions of Amrozi, his brother Mukhlas and Imam Samudra, who could be executed at any time over the 2002 Bali bombings, which killed 202 people including 88 Australians.

The three will face an Indonesian firing squad, and would be shot a second time if the first bullet does not kill them instantly, Mahendradatta said.

"We are not closing our eyes to the possibility of Amrozi being executed,'' he told reporters.

''(But) there's time when the convicted will feel pain until he is shot a second time.

"Amrozi was sentenced to death, not to be tortured.

"On Tuesday or Wednesday at least we will submit a material challenge to the Constitutional Court about this law.''

The comments could spark anger among families of the 202 people killed in the Bali bombings organised by the three terrorists, who have never expressed remorse for their non-Muslim victims.

"We will seek the execution without pain - we have to encourage the government and legislators to find a way to execute without pain,'' he added.

Lets get this straight: 202 innocent people killed by these animals, many more injured permanently, and these oxygen thieves are unrepentant? Yeah, I could really give a shit if they feel pain from being shot. Hell, in fact, I hope the first round of bullets DO miss the mark. Just to let these dickhats know what pain is like.

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Some very good news

One of al-Qaeda's bio and chemical weapons guys was taken out in Pakistan by a CIA drone.  Adios, motherfucker!

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July 24, 2008

Important witness of the Bhutto assassination killed

Benazir Bhutto's bodyguard, head of her security detail and a key witness to the Bhutto assassination, was gunned down in a driveby as he was leaving his home in Pakistan.  Anyone surprised by this?  No?  He was scheduled to appear before the UN and testify about the assassination of Bhutto.

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Jihadis punish homosexuality by...raping gay men

Allah just gave them an extra-special place in Paradise for their actions, I'm sure:

Kamal was just 16 when gunmen snatched him off the streets of Baghdad, stuffed him in the trunk of a car and whisked him away to a house. But the real terror was about to begin.

The men realized he was gay, Kamal said, when he took his shirt off and they saw that his chest was shaved.


His pleas went unheeded. "The other two kidnappers took off my clothes by force, and, at that time, I saw them as three dirty animals trying to tear my body apart."

He was held for 15 days, released only after his family paid a $1,500 ransom. He was raped every day. Only once, he said, was he allowed to talk to his family during captivity. "I told my family that I was beaten by them, but I did not dare to tell my family that I was raped by them. I could not say it, it's too much shame."

But don't worry, because George W. Bush is the real enemy.  He won't let gays get married.  In fact, this attack happend while AmeriKKKan troops were occupying and terrorizing Iraqi citizens.  It's only natural that they'd act out this way.


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July 22, 2008

Not just for women anymore

An openly gay Turkish man has died from a gunshot wound he received outside of a cafe, killed for "honor."  He was very much open, which his family strongly objected to and wanted him to seek out a "cure" for his homosexuality.  The family is also refusing to tend to his body and make funeral arrangements, which is common when a family has killed for "honor." 

He had been receiving death threats, and told to leave Turkey for his own safety, but unfortunately he chose to stay.  The police didn't meet his requests for protection or pursue those who were making the threats, either.  This is believed to be the first gay "honor" killing in Turkey.  (h/t)

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July 21, 2008

A little midday EPIC FAIL for you

Brian at Snapped Shot sends this video of Iran's Very Special Forces, training in the newly developed EPIC FAIL doctrine.  Wait till you see the spectacular finish of this maneuver at the end of the clip,

(also, be sure to check out Pat Dollard's place, where Brian got it)

Yes, I know, I need to post something on real news today, I'll come up with something...

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July 16, 2008

Hail the conquering hero

Earlier today, MP noted the release of Samir Kantar and four other Hezbollah assholes in exchange for the corpses of two murdered Israeli soldiers. Piggybacking on that, anybody want to guess what kind of reception Kantar and his asshole buddies got?

Five Lebanese militants freed from prisons in Israel in exchange for the bodies of two captured Israeli soldiers strode down a red carpet behind a Hezbollah honor guard Wednesday to a boisterous welcome from hundreds of cheering spectators.


Kantar, who had been serving multiple life terms in Israel for a grisly 1979 attack, wiped away tears as he stood before hundreds in the coastal border town of Naqoura in southern Lebanon. An honor guard escorted the men to a stage as a brass band played martial music and rows of uniformed fighters saluted.

"We knew that you were waiting for the resistance and it reached you. You came back free and heroes," said Ibrahim Amin al-Sayed, head of Hezbollah's political bureau.
Part of that "grisly 1979 attack" included the death of a four-year-old girl. That's right. Their big man, the tough guy hero, murdered an innocent little girl.

What a bunch of filthy fucking savages.

Update: Via Allahpundit, here's a 2003 account of the attack from one of the victims.  It's extremely brutal.  The poor woman must be just sick today about this fucker's release.

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July 15, 2008

Quote of the Day: Nuance Edition

“I admire Bin Laden, but would not have sanctioned the 9/11 attacks – except for those on the Pentagon, CIA HQ, and the White House.”

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July 09, 2008


Wow, that was a lame title.  Anyway, in case you hadn't heard, there was a terror attack on the US Embassy in Turkey this morning.  I'll defer to Jim Geraghty (follow the first link) for perspective on Turkey, as he lived there for a while.

I toured Turkey in the summer of 2004.  There was a NATO summit in Istanbul at the time, and the city was full of posters that, translated, said something like "NATO, BUSH, F*** YOU!"  So it was kind of like being in the Dupont Circle neighborhood of DC.   There was one thing that did surprise me, though (below the fold).


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July 02, 2008

Forget Where's Waldo?, time to play Where's Rage Boy?

Brian at Snapped Shot has a fun new game, see if you can find Islamic Rage Boy in the picture. 

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