March 31, 2009

Let it not be said that I don't have good timing

Headline: "Taliban Leader Vows To Attack D.C. 'Soon.'"

This weekend I'm moving to DC, about 10 blocks from the Capitol Building and a stone's throw from Nationals Stadium.  Should be fun. 

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March 25, 2009

So, How Has That Whole "Outreach" To The Mullahs Gone?

Umm....not so well.

Crowd: "Death to America! Death to America!"

Ali Khamenei: "Listen... The first thing that the Americans did was to incite the scattered [elements] of the opposition to the Islamic Republic, and to help separatist and terrorist movements in our country. They started doing this from day one. Wherever the separatist movements were present in our country, we have seen the fingerprint of America - in the form of their money, and even their people. This has caused great damage to our people, and unfortunately, it still continues. Those evil people at the border areas of Iran with Pakistan... We have recordings of some of these evil people, and we know that they are connected to Americans. They talk to them via wireless radio, and get their orders from them. These are evil, murderous terrorists, who are connected to American officers in a neighboring country. Unfortunately, this is still going on.

"They started with this, and then they moved on to confiscate and seize Iranian assets and goods. The previous regime had placed enormous amounts of money at the disposal of the Americans, in order to receive airplanes, helicopters, and weapons from them. Some of this equipment was already manufactured there, but when the revolution took place, they did not supply the equipment, nor did they return the billions of dollars. Even more extraordinary - they stored this equipment in some warehouse, and decided by themselves to charge storage fees. They turned themselves into creditors, and deducted storage fees from the account of the Algiers Accord. Plundering the property of another people and keeping it for themselves, and then charging storage fees - this behavior began back then, and it continues to this day.

Mind you, Iran is a dictatorship, and these rallies are not spontaneous.

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