July 24, 2009

Hamas. Labor Unions. The Mob. What's The Diff?

Actually, not much. They are tight with Obama and the Democrats and support them. They use violence, bloodshed, and intimidation to achieve their goals. And they engage in shady business dealings regarding building projects.

So far, Hamas has taken control of millions of dollars transferred monthly by Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salaam Fayad to the UNDP and designated for Gazans whose homes were destroyed during Operation Cast Lead last winter.

At the meeting, Hamas officials told the UN representatives they wanted to be able to draw up the list of people who would receive the money, according to the Defense Ministry document. The sides decided to set up joint committees and to continue to meet in the future.

"This is an indication to us that there is no effective mechanism that can be established that will bypass Hamas and ensure the money goes straight to the Palestinian people," the senior defense official said.

Israeli government sources said it was "no secret" that UN officials in Gaza were having talks on a technical level with Hamas regarding the distribution of humanitarian aid there.

According to the officials, UNRWA and UNDP had "no choice" but to have some contact with Hamas officials in order for the assistance to be transferred. They added that Israel could live with that situation as long as the talks remained only at the technical level and did not become political in nature.

One official said efforts to develop a mechanism through which money for the rehabilitation of Gaza could be channeled into the region, without in any way strengthening or helping Hamas, is continuing. This effort has been going on since the end of Operation Cast Lead in January, and hundreds of millions of dollars of international aid that has been contributed for rebuilding the Gaza Strip is not being allowed in until such a mechanism is created.

Of course. Blame Teh Joooosss and not the hopelessly corrupt Hamas crowd.

Thanks to Alice.

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July 20, 2009

Attractive financing also available on bridge in Brooklyn

A bunch of ordinary, non-extremist folks gathered at a Hilton in Oak Lawn, IL this weekend for a conference called "The Fall of Capitalism and the Rise of Islam," which was not at all related to anything shady...

Despite the charged rhetoric, Hizb ut-Tahrir insists that it condemns terrorism "by all means," spokesman Mohammad Malkawi told reporters Sunday.

"It is not in our dictionary," Malkawi said. "We condemn it by all means … From our perspective, our records are clean on this issue."

Malkawi said the group had "never indulged in recruiting" jihadists.

Yeah. Be sure to click on the link to find out about some of the group's Gandhi-esque alumni.

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July 06, 2009

More Uighurs Must Be Angling For A Trip To Paradise, And Not The 72 Virgins Type

Jon at Exurban League tweets that the Uighurs may be stirring some shit up again.
Hmm...seeing as how the USA and Britain are paying for those four Uighurs to live in Paradise on Earth in the Caribbean, these folks must believe that they can get the same treatment.

Can you blame them? If the choices were an all expense paid trip to the beaches of the Caribbean, living as an oppressed minority in China, or having to live with 72 women for all time, with no hope for anything better, wouldn't you pick a trip to Gitmo, Bermuda, or Palau?

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