June 04, 2010

Dear Pat Buchanan

Lech tizdayyen. Lech tizdayyen, tistom et a-pe, and your racist, anti Semitic fuckheadedness up your fuckingly fucked up with the fucking Masada approved Zayin Of Fuckyouedness. Stom ta jora, you fucking racist and bigoted piece of shit. Lech telakkek coos mitkalef shel para for siding with the 7th Century barbarians over a free and open people. And fuck you for condemning a people who even the fucking Vice President of the United States sides with in this deal, you kus im ima shelcha ha motzetzet.

What the fuck is Israel supposed to fucking do, let these fucking savages fucking eliminate them? Seriously, you fucking mizdayen batachat. What the fucking fuck are they supposed to do? Let this shit go on unabated?

Oh, and fuck you for trying to fucking tell us that the boat was fucking unarmed. What the fucking forecastle of flying fuck are you to tell me happened when the "peace activists" fucking used fucking WEAPONS on the boat? You gonna tell me they were playing S&M Fisting Games? Seriously, your racism and hatred has so clouded your ability to think rationally, you should just go and live in fucking Gaza and see how you are treated, ya smark shel ez!

And if anybody doubts the intent of this "Love Boat" cruise, take a gander at this:

Yeah. I fucking thought so.

So suck my fucking sloppy sack, you fucking sarut of shitheadedness. Fuck you for being a beastial beatfucker. And fuck you for siding with the wrong side.

Hapes mi yenanea otha, and go get fucked sharia style while on the way.

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