July 16, 2008

Hail the conquering hero

Earlier today, MP noted the release of Samir Kantar and four other Hezbollah assholes in exchange for the corpses of two murdered Israeli soldiers. Piggybacking on that, anybody want to guess what kind of reception Kantar and his asshole buddies got?

Five Lebanese militants freed from prisons in Israel in exchange for the bodies of two captured Israeli soldiers strode down a red carpet behind a Hezbollah honor guard Wednesday to a boisterous welcome from hundreds of cheering spectators.


Kantar, who had been serving multiple life terms in Israel for a grisly 1979 attack, wiped away tears as he stood before hundreds in the coastal border town of Naqoura in southern Lebanon. An honor guard escorted the men to a stage as a brass band played martial music and rows of uniformed fighters saluted.

"We knew that you were waiting for the resistance and it reached you. You came back free and heroes," said Ibrahim Amin al-Sayed, head of Hezbollah's political bureau.
Part of that "grisly 1979 attack" included the death of a four-year-old girl. That's right. Their big man, the tough guy hero, murdered an innocent little girl.

What a bunch of filthy fucking savages.

Update: Via Allahpundit, here's a 2003 account of the attack from one of the victims.  It's extremely brutal.  The poor woman must be just sick today about this fucker's release.

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