May 26, 2010

Lending Merry Go Round

It's been a while since I posted anything, so here's some End of Civilization Funneh for ya:

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May 19, 2010

Facebook, Draw Mohammad Day, and Pakistan - oh my!

So, the Pakistani government has decided to block Facebook until May 31st in protest of a Draw Mohammad Day page (which can be found here).  Aside from the fact that only evil heathens full of hate who deserve to die would draw Mohammad, it's all that evil freedom that allows us to make stupid Facebook groups that is really the problem.

We shouldn't be free to do that, 'cause it hurts their feelings and is against their religion and stuff.  Also, there needs to be a more permanent solution (emphasis mine):

But the Islamic Lawyers' Forum asked the Lahore High Court on Wednesday to order the government to fully block Facebook because it allowed the page to be posted in the first place, said the deputy attorney general of Punjab province, Naveed Inayat Malik.

 The court complied with the request and ordered the government to block the site until the end of May, Malik said.

 Lawyers outside the courtroom hailed the ruling, chanting "Down with Facebook."

 Later in the day, the telecommunications authority ordered all Internet service providers to block Facebook, it said in a statement.


Pakistan's minister of religious affairs, Hamid Saeed Kazmi, said the ban was only a temporary solution and suggested the government organize a conference of Muslim countries to figure out ways to prevent the publication of images of the prophet.

So, let me get this straight.


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May 18, 2010

The Rule of Law

There is, of course, no favoritism going on here whatsoever. Nope.

Furthermore, to suggest otherwise would probably be racist.

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May 15, 2010

When he's right, he's right

Allahpundit takes a lot of shit (sometimes from me) for being a RINO squish, but he's got it exactly right here about the Arizona boycotts:

As a wise man once said, you can’t reason a man out of that which he wasn’t reasoned into, so rather than trying to politely explain the virtues of the law, they’d better start thinking about reciprocal boycotts. Take a piece of California’s ass economically and let state officials over there deal with the headaches of their own business leaders. And at some point, some high-profile Arizona pol really should call the bluff of sanctuary cities by offering to release captured illegals into their custody in lieu of deporting them. If Gavin Newsom and Mike Bloomberg and Antonio Villaraigosa are all so hot to welcome the “undocumented,” fantastic: Arizona’s got an endless supply and will be happy to provide however many to San Francisco and New York and L.A. that they’d like.
Of course, as a Californian, this would be disastrous for me, personally, but it might just be the kind of kick in the ass that our political leaders could use. An actual example of burning down the village in order to save it.

Incidentally, this is not at all related or anything.

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April 28, 2010


I'm speechless.
If you gave me a list of stories where I had to choose which one was made up I'm not sure if you could invent one I would choose over this.

We met at a Millcreek Tavern......snip

We went back to my apartment. .... And had sex, as planned.

You looked beautiful half covered in my sheets when I left to use the bathroom. When I came back, this is what I saw:

You standing naked at my computer. You with your hand on the keyboard, not typing. You grabbing the flash drive.
You insert it into your vagina, like a tampon.

And the big finish
I’d like to see you again. I’d like to see my flash drive again.

See, I'd let her keep it.
But I'm not from Philly.
RTWT, it's amusing.
Belated H/T (like always) The Agitator, who's having a pun contest.
Trying to think of one made me belatedly realize the title should have been "That does not compute".

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April 23, 2010

Second time's the charm?

I'm getting a "1990s" vibe out of this. (I figured I'd throw the puppy blender some traffic)
Quoth John Kass
Obama’s former patron and real estate fairy, the convicted influence peddler Tony Rezko, is a key player in the government’s case. Blagojevich’s aim is to undercut what Rezko has told investigators. And now Blago wants the president to do the undercutting from the witness stand, with the nation riveted to his every recollection of his days in Chicago politics, hanging with Tony and the guys, with the midterm November elections approaching.”

Quoth the blender of puppies:
Or, you know, to make the case go away.

Think about that. First, I'm not thinking about the elections, I'm thinking about the players in this little drama. They're Chicago machine politicians. Only Daley himself could be more at the center of everything.
They're used to Chicago politics and Obama is used to a compliant press.
So what happens if they do make it just go away or other shenanigans go on? Sure most Minitru outlets will go along, but not all.
And what happens if people's stories start not matching up? Are Obama's peeps going to take the fall the way Clintonistas would?
Imagine a replay of the 90s, except this time a little different.
Now if we can just keep the GOP from nominating Bob Dole, we'll be all set.

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April 22, 2010

Socialism: Moron-Style!

You know, this is so close to making sense it's scary.
In this bar, some of the costs are covered by taxpayer money from the city treasury. ... Most of the people who frequent the place are serious alcoholics and are allowed to bring their own cheap beer and sangria. The bar itself only serves soft drinks and strong coffee.

So instead of having their drunken bums littering the streets they have them sitting in a tax-funded place giving them mixers.

Think of it as a salt lick for hobos.

Instant update
Via the Jawas who linked Interested Participant, which blog I should be reading but there's just so much blog reading in a day.

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April 13, 2010

Why the recession is good for foot fetishists

I've heard all sorts of crazy shit being blamed on the recession, but here's a new one by me: the recession has dramatically increased the size of high heels, leading to an increase in women's feet problems - including tendonitis, ankle sprains, and torn ligaments and tendons.

No, really.

So, in the spirit of civil disobedience - since, with O-care happening, doing risky things that may impact your health is now a political statement - I encourage women everywhere to buy higher heels, and strut your stuff proudly.  Be hot!  It's both a political statement and another sign that the recession isn't over, porkulus be damned!

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April 01, 2010



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March 29, 2010

Stupid question time

And someone's probably already asked this, but for the life of me I can't figure out where.

Why is it that when a militia group that calls themselves 'Christian' is busted for plotting to do bad things, 'Christian' is in the headline of every story about the group, and it's seen in the light of "Look at the awful things being done in the name of Christ", but when someone shoots up an Army base or blows up a subway or massacres people waiting in line to vote, not only is the religion of the perpetrators not mentioned, but it's not considered a reflection on the religion?

Am I being obtuse here?  Or is the assumption being made that most terrorist attacks are executed by Islamofascists, so when something happens that's not Islamocentric, it had better be pointed out so that we don't get the wrong idea about a particular attack? 

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It's not politics anymore

Dennis the Peasant is an accountant and he's discussing all those companies saying they're losing money because of Obamacare and the upcoming show trials. It's worth a read in its entirety. He makes sense of it all.
He has a copy of the SEC form they are required by law to file.
So what Waxman is asking for is really what they would have had to give to the SEC anyway. I think these hearings will be a huge loss for the Dems. The CEOs will say, "We had to do this by law." and as the Dems freak it will become obvious they have no idea what the hell they're talking about.

He makes a great point, the Dems don't realize that politics affects the real world and they can't manipulate the real world politically.

He also points out how the next week or two are going to be very interesting as more and more publicly held companies file these required by law forms.

I think I saw this at the puppy blender's.

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Okay, that's funny.

I followed a link from the puppy blender to here, a story I almost updated my previous, paranoid ranting, post with. It starts off slow but by the top of the second page you'll see more of what makes me think the way I do about Tsar Putin I. Notice where Ingushetia is, just north of South Ossetia.
That link led me to this post about this story (Yay! The point!)

So the post is at PJ's by Kim Zigfeld who's OUTRAGED! that Obama is having US troops march alongside British and Russian troops.
In Red Square.
She's upset because of the way Russia has been acting in the Caucusus, I'm with her on that. But Bush was just as bad or worse.
The Chechens weren't terrorists in 2001, they offered condolences to the US after 9/11 on more than one of their websites, including the official one, (don't go there, it's terrorist now). Bush went to Russia and totally threw them under the bus. It was some cold shit and it really pissed me off.
So it's too much to ask for Obama to act all upset. Especially after 9 years of Russian troops kidnapping civilians and returning their bodies for $thousands or just killing and raping (often in that order) and leveling a city of 500,000 people down to rubble. Reporters into the area die. One made it out with pics, I'll find the link on another computer, but they're brutal.

Personally, I think it's High-Larious with a capital HIGH that American troops are marching in Red fucking Square.
Ronnie Raygun and Patton are in a bar somewhere, downing a few boilermakers, laughing their asses off.

Good for Obama.
Imagine US troops going to Russia in full regalia?
That's funny.
Where am I wrong?

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Too Paranoid or just observant?

We've all seen the news about the suicide bombings in Moscow.
And here comes Veeshir in full, paranoid, the pod people are after me, mode.

I'll admit, I've been looking at Russia, Iran, Syria and NoKo because I've been expecting at least two wars this spring, once invasion season starts in Georgia.

So let's see the dots I've connected in my feverish, paranoid mind.


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March 15, 2010

Oh, this should end well

From Hehindeedreadthewholethingpundit, Moody's is talking about bumping both the US and UK from a AAA credit rating.

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Oh, for fuck's sake ...

I'm not a big perfume user.  I shower regularly and use deodorant, thankyouverymuch; I don't need to douse myself in fragrance.  I also have terrible allergies, so that probably contributes to my no perfume stance.  Walking by a Bath & Body Works in the mall gives me a damn headache.

However, there are lots of women who won't walk out of the house until they've fully doused themselves in the shit, and I don't really care one way or the other.  If it makes you happy, go for it.  I try to avoid the super-smelly people, and, if I can't, I suck it up and deal.  Apparently, sucking it up and dealing like a mature adult is not an option any more if you work for the city of Detroit:

Change is in the air for Detroit city workers. City employees will be urged not to wear perfume, cologne or aftershave as a result of a settlement in a federal lawsuit.

Officials plan to place warning placards in three city buildings. The signs will warn workers to avoid "wearing scented products, including ... colognes, aftershave lotions, perfumes, deodorants, body/face lotions ... (and) the use of scented candles, perfume samples from magazines, spray or solid air fresheners."

The employee handbook and Americans with Disabilities Act training also will bear warnings.

Apparently, someone sued the city in '08 because all of the smelly perfume in the air made it difficult for her to do her job'n'stuff.  And she won, to the tune of $100,000.  Now, the super-well-off city of Detroit (hah!) has to spend cash on making signs that warn their employees not to smell nice.

I can't wait until someone with really bad B.O. sues the city because they've been told not to wear perfume at work.

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March 13, 2010

Paranoid or observant?

It's funny how those two are so hard to differentiate.
Case in point, Purple Avenger notices something, Obama's GDP and other economic numbers keep being revised downward, usually to little fanfare.

So I thought, gee, it seems to me that Bush' numbers were always revised too, but upward. So I did a search at using Ace's URL, lo and behold, I remembered correctly. story after story of numbers revised upward, 8 years worth.

So not only were many people in the CIA, State Dept nd of course, those in the Dept of whoever is in charge of federal parks and land management fighting a war against Bush, there appear to be a bunch of people in the Dept of Commerce too.

No matter who's elected, lefties are very powerful in our gov't  and do all they can, even to the perversion of their duties, to get leftists elected.
That pisses me off.
h/t Veeshir

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March 09, 2010

Since Nuking Detroit Would Be Messy

Maybe just plowing it under and starting over would be a better idea.

Operating on a scale never before attempted in this country, the city would demolish houses in some of the most desolate sections of Detroit and move residents into stronger neighborhoods {forced migration. This should end well-ed}. Roughly a quarter of the 139-square-mile city could go from urban to semi-rural.

Near downtown, fruit trees and vegetable farms would replace neighborhoods that are an eerie landscape of empty buildings and vacant lots. Suburban commuters heading into the city center might pass through what looks like the countryside to get there. Surviving neighborhoods in the birthplace of the auto industry would become pockets in expanses of green.

Detroit officials first raised the idea in the 1990s, when blight was spreading. Now, with the recession plunging the city deeper into ruin, a decision on how to move forward is approaching. Mayor Dave Bing, who took office last year, is expected to unveil some details in his state-of-the-city address this month.

"Things that were unthinkable are now becoming thinkable," said James W. Hughes, dean of the School of Planning and Public Policy at Rutgers University, who is among the urban experts watching the experiment with interest. "There is now a realization that past glories are never going to be recaptured. Some people probably don't accept that, but that is the reality."



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Something Even More Terrifying Than Those Clown Spiders

I present to you, Old Chinese Woman With Goat Horn Growing Out Of Her Head.

Her youngest of six sons, Zhang Guozheng, 60, said when a patch of rough skin formed on her forehead last year ‘we didn't pay too much attention to it’.

‘But as time went on a horn grew out of her head and it is now 6cm long,' added Mr Zhang, whose eldest brother and sibling is 82 years old.

‘Now something is also growing on the right side of her forehead. It’s quite possible that it’s another horn.’

Although, it is unknown what the protrusion is on Mrs Zhang’s head, it resembles a cutaneous horn.

This is a funnel-shaped growth and although most are only a few millimetres in length, some can extend a number of inches from the skin.

Cutaneous horns are made up of compacted keratin, which is the same protein we have in our hair and nails, and forms horns, wool and feathers in animals.

They usually develop in fair-skinned elderly adults who have a history of significant sun exposure but it is extremely unusual to see it form protrusions of this size.

The growths are most common in elderly people, aged between 60 and the mid-70s. They can sometimes be cancerous but more than half of cases are benign.

Common underlying causes of cutaneous horns are common warts, skin cancer and actinic keratoses, patches of scaly skin that develop on skin exposed to the sun, such as your face, scalp or forearms.

Cutaneous horns can be removed surgically but this does not treat the underlying cause.

You are welcome.

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March 02, 2010

We need to cut up their credit cards

Via Boortz' Nealz Nuze we see this lovely article.
Moreover, for the first time since the Great Depression, Americans took more aid from the government than they paid in taxes.
While wages and other job-related income fell by a record $206 billion last year to $7.84 trillion, transfer payments from the government such as unemployment checks and Social Security burgeoned by $231 billion to $2.1 trillion. Meanwhile, the amount of taxes that individual Americans paid plummeted by $325 billion to $2.1 trillion as a result of middle-class tax cuts and because nearly 6 million people were thrown out of work and are no longer paying payroll taxes.

That's fucked up. The only things I know about finances are that you can be overdrawn even if you still have checks and being overdrawn is costly.

Bush and his crew did their best to be overdrawn (and a fine job of it they did, the bastids), but they didn't quite succeed at such a grand level as the current crew.
Obama and his Dem plunderers have the check book and they don't care if it's overdrawn, they're not paying the overdraft fees.

C'mon asteroid.

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February 24, 2010


Tampa man arrested for wearing clown mask, wig.

The short article says that's all he was doing, walking down the street in clown wear.
I take back half the stuff I've said about Florida.
Yeah, (lowers head, kicks ground), Drudge link.

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