October 16, 2010

It's amore!

I can't decide if this funnier than endy or endier than funny.
You make the call!

You're the stunning raven haired goddes who was in the (snip) room with my girlfriend and me.
You don't know this but I was filming you with the camcorder the entire time
I hope this message finds you and we can form a bond, emotionally and physically, based upon our shared experience of....

So what was the room where he was filming? What was the shared experience? Why does he want to name his daughter after this raven haired beauty? How funny/endy is it that he wants to screw her?

She's the doctor or nurse (he doesn't say) who was in the delivery room as his girlfriend was having their baby. He filmed the hottie instead of the birth. The "shared experience" is "bringing a child into the world together."

High-fucking-larious. I thought I was bad trying to pick someone up at a funeral.
Anybody have any worse tales of trying to pick someone up inappropriately?
H/T The Agitator

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October 08, 2010

Obamacare Official Pace Car

From the inbox:

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