August 31, 2010

"Mommy, what's a Va-jay-jay"?

I just went to purchase a jug of Val-U-Rite vodka at a local supermarket, and what did I see right at the eye level of a hypothetical kid (there were none present at this time of night, thankfully) riding in a shopping cart at the check stand?  An issue of Cosmopolitan with "Untamed Va-jay-jays...Guess What Sexy Style Is Back" on the cover.

I'm far from a prude, but, really? That's something you feel the need to put on the cover of your magazine?

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August 16, 2010

I will gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.

Wherein Veeshir is confused.
You've all seen the story about the Dems cutting food stamps to pay for some children's deal.
But nobody seems to really think it's important that the cuts don't take effect until 2013.
Which means they'll never happen. If they don't fund food stamps enough, does anybody think it won't be added as a rider in some supplemental defense bill or something?

These are phantom cuts.
I understand it's fun to go after Dems for stiffing the poor (hoist ont their own retard, so to speak), but, and here's my confusion, wouldn't it make more sense to go after them for phantom cuts? They don't intend them to go through.

H/T Krauthammer, he didn't seem to think it was important that the cuts didn't happen until 2013, but he's the only one who's even mentioned it.

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August 13, 2010

Bookie Bankrupt? Believe it.

I've been pretty busy for a few weeks (in the Obama sense of the word, I took off 2 weeks to see the family) and I've been cutting way back on my intertubing, but I'm back.

I was in NY and heard something that even made my lefty sister accept that maybe we're in the Funniest end of Civilization Ever.
NY OTB is in bankruptcy.
That's right, one of the biggest bookies in the country is going bankrupt.

Why? It's NY. The pols are blatantly and ridiculously corrupt.
There are two ways a bookie can go bankrupt, if he's just starting out and gets hit with a bunch of longshot wins or his protection money is too costly.

I'll give you hint, OTB hasn't paid out any $10 million winners lately.

OT question (can it be OT if it's in the post?)
Did anybody else think the "Hero Flight Attendant" was probably a dick?
I've flown a fair amount since 9/11 (probably 2-4 R/Ts a year) and I've seen a marked decrease in civility on stewardesses and stewards.
They're dicks because if you give them a hard time, you spend the next day of your life dealing with a tremendous hassle, if not jail time.

Now it's coming out he was an asshole and I'm absolutely unsurprised.
I only fly when I'm going farther than 5 hours by car, although I'm starting to drive up to 10 hours because I'm totally sick of dealing with idiots with the power to take my freedom when they're in a bad mood.

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August 06, 2010

Vacation(s) All I Ever Wanted

Remember how our lefty friends used to bitch about how much time Chimpy McBu$hitler spent on "vacation" (the scare quotes are because of the fact that he had cabinet members and phones and computers with secure internet connections and everything) at his ranch in Crawford? Well, at least he had a fucking job...

First ladies often go on vacations, with and without the president. An issue for Mrs. Obama may be how many: New York in March; Chicago, over Memorial Day; Los Angeles in June; Camp David -- sort of an extension of the White House -- in July; Maine in July, to highlight Acadia National Park, and now Spain. Mrs. Obama is glamorizing Spain's coastal resorts before her Aug. 14 first family weekend visit to Florida's Gulf Coast, to encourage tourists scared away by the oil spill. Starting Aug. 19, the Obamas will spend 10 days in Martha's Vineyard.
To be fair, I guess hectoring people about how fat their kids are is pretty stressful, but this just looks fucking terrible. A lot of us don't have the kind of money that folds these days, much less enough to go on eight fucking vacations over the course of one goddamn summer.

Seriously, did someone like David Axelrod, supposedly a political genius, not look at this and take Barry and Michelle aside and mention that having Her Highness jet off to Spain for one of (I reiterate) eight fucking summer vacations—for which the taxpayers pick up the tab for transportation, security, and God knows what else—might seem like a thumb in the eye to the average guy who can't afford to take the missus to the local Indian Casino for the weekend? Did their political team not realize that this would generate angry run-on sentences like that?

But the GOP spending money on Sarah Palin's new wardrobe during the 2008 campaign? Well, that right there was a fucking scandal.

P.S. Way to stimulate our economy by jetting off to Europe. Yeah.

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August 04, 2010


...OFA wants you to bake a cake for Barry's B-day!

You know, after eight years of hearing from the likes of Gleen Gouldwald & Co. that we were all a bunch of "Bush cultists," this kind of crap is, well, not very surprising at all.

OFA volunteers are gathering for events on the President’s birthday this Wednesday, where they’ll celebrate by reaching out to new volunteers.
Will they be singing (literally) his praises during those parties?

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