July 23, 2010

It turns out that the "Gaza Flotilla" was necessary after all

I mean, if you watch the following, there's no evidence of a Disney Store, a Gap, or even a Halal Hickory Farms...

In related news, did you see who's raising funds for another blockade-breaker? Be sure to note the name of the ship.

(Video courtesy of xbradtc in the H2 comments.)

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July 09, 2010

Didn't we fight a revolution over being part of England?

This story has so much that's screwy.

Possible illegal alien thugs steal a guy's trailer. He says they tried to run him down, he fired two shots and hit one in the face. The reporter above says there's some evidence they're illegal.
Yay!, right?
Not if you're a DA in Jefferson County, Colorado.
Nope, the guys who admitted to stealing the trailer, they returned it, at this point appear to be getting off scot-free while Our Hero is facing 12 felonies including 4 counts of 1st degree attempted murder. How do you get 4 counts of attempted murder with 2 shots?
One of the thugs already was convicted of a similar crime and got off of that one with a reduced charge of "Agricultural trespassing", I'm sure this will ensure he never does that again. And by "never", I mean "he's probably already planning his next heist".

First, WTF? Colorado is in America and not Britain, right? In America if you shoot criminals trying to run you down you should get a medal.
Second, notice the journalists in the above vid, they're as surprised as I am. Either Fox 31 isn't a member in good standing of Minitru (unlike DC's Fox affiliate) or even a progressive journalist finds this outrageous.
Third? What, the first two aren't enough?
Via "Are We Lumberjacks", who thinks there's more to the story or the DA has an agenda.

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July 06, 2010

The World Turned Upside-down

There's a post titled "Why liberals should love the Second Amendment" over at...the Daily Kos.  Yes, really.

There's some lefty boilerplate in there, but it's actually pretty well-argued.

My head asplode.

(H/T pajama momma)

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