June 01, 2009

This can and does work

If people will commit to it.  Hugh Hewitt is advocating a boycott of GM and Chrysler as long as they are government owned operations.  He correctly notes that government run, formerly privately owned auto companies don't succeed anyway, but we're also going to end up subsidizing this disaster for as long as it is around as a government run institution. 

Boycotts work, and I'm going to go back to examples of Second Amendment activist success to show that this works.  During the 90's, one of the things the Democrats were going to do to try and destroy the Second in the US was team up with cities and individuals to file suit against firearms manufacturers.  Unless those manufacturers agreed to a bunch of abusive limitations, nanny restrictions and and other Orwellian obscenities, individuals and cities, backed by the Feds would sue manufacturers into oblivion.

The industry agreed as a whole to tell the Administration to get bent, and they'd fight the extortion tooth and nail.  Except Smith & Wesson, then owned by a British firm (and as we all know, the Brits are unwilling to stand up to authoritarians), they caved and signed the agreement in 2000, what is known as S&W's Deal With The Devil. 

Consumers and activists were furious, and almost immediately demand for S&Ws collapsed and the market was flooded with used ones.  In about a year, S&W was sold to a US firm at a huge loss, the US firm immediately rejected the Deal With The Devil, and S&W has since recovered quite nicely, though it took years to regain consumer trust.

The good news is that Bush signed legislature passed by Congress afterwards to try and prevent that sort of extortion scheme from being enacted again.  The Democrats are afraid to try and roll that back too, because they know they lose elections when they piss off the NRA and activists. 

If we stand firm, and make it known that what is happening is unacceptable to us, and we do refuse to buy new GM and Chryslers, or even go so far as to sell our current ones in protest, a strong message will be sent, and they will have to listen. 

I can assure you, my next vehicle won't be a GM or Chrysler. 

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