October 21, 2010

The Hour Is Approaching

Yes, the hour when those who have endeavored to ruin the present and future of this country with statist legislation the public opposes is near. The hour of judgment for those who mocked, physically attacked, libeled, slandered, falsely accused, sexually taunted, and generally douched all over us even as we the people voiced our disapproval is at hand. And the hour of judgment for those who have sought to replace the freedom and opportunity woven into the DNA of this country and her people with despair, stagnation, and dependence under the guise of hope and change is at hand.

That's right, lefties, I have something for you:

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October 05, 2010

Primaried RINO Accepts Defeat Gracefully and Bows Out

Did I say "RINO"? I meant this guy, since a RINO accepting a primary defeat gracefully will never happen.

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