June 28, 2010

Hawkins to Frum: Here is why you cannot haz

So The Twat, in his commentary on Weigel, was crying about the fact that he was denied access to the Conservative Blogads Cloud by Hawkins.  He says,

You may say: Well who cares what John Hawkins think? Reasonable point – except that Hawkins is the person entrusted by Google to determine who may join the conservative blogads cloud. (Disclosure: He decided that FrumForum could not participate. We no longer qualified as conservatives because we had criticized other conservatives, particularly Rush Limbaugh.)

The cloud is basically where, if you're promoting conservative sites or wares, or want to promote your goods or services to that audience, you can try and become a part of that package of advertisers through Blogads, and sites can choose an ad package that reflects their content. 

Hawkins administers that cloud, and knew he was going to have to respond to this at some point, and does so effectively here.  Note the, "this may become a story at some point"-type threat from The Twat and his spokesdouche.  John's response was great, as is the whole post, that must have been awesome to smack Frum like that directly.

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June 25, 2010

There's always an appropriate Far Side for any situation

As Cuffy demonstrates with regard to the Dave Weigel situation. I'll have more on that later, needless to say I'm somewhat less than sympathetic to the WaPo's former Wingnuts in The Mist guy.

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June 11, 2010

Yes, I miss him

Pres. Bush's inaugural Facebook address.

I'll set aside my Facebook loathing for this. I truly, deeply, from the bottom of my heart, hope that him sitting in front of that wall of books is an F.U. to Sir Paul.Yes, Mr. President, I miss you. More than I can say.

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June 10, 2010

Boy, that Sarah Palin sure is a Christianist bigot who hates gays

Though you sure wouldn't know it from listening to this interview with 100% out lesbian talk show host Tammy Bruce. Innarestingly enough, Bruce's sexuality never comes up. The only reason I know that she's a lesbian is that she's a talk show fixture here in the L.A. area and isn't afraid to talk about any aspect of her life.

(Via Hotair.com)

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June 03, 2010

Agree with Dan Riehl, I support Nikki Haley for SC governor

Will "Multiple Miggs" Folks is a punk, has no fucking proof of anything, he's a sleazy little cunt who just wishes he hit that.  Now we have this mincing douchebag claiming he boinked Nikki Haley too, of course, when we all know when he says he boinked Nikki Haley, he means he has manhandled by a large hairy leather-clad man named Bruce.  And of course we have this fucking yahoo calling her a raghead now.  I'm with Dan Riehl, I'm supporting Nikki Haley for SC Governor.  The way Republicans in SC are trying to smear Haley like the MFM did Palin is sickening.  Fuck the SC GOP establishment, what a bunch of vermin, no different than the Democrats.  No. Fucking. Different.

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