March 23, 2010

That'll work

One of the problems we're gonna have in repealing Obamacare is, well, repealing Obamacare.  The problem is you pretty much need control of the House, White House and 60 Senate seats.  The Senate seats are what are gonna make that difficult, not to mention that about a third of our current GOP Senators are complete retards.  So, what do we do?  John Hawkins has a thought on it, which I think is what we need to be looking at as a temporary fix while we try and work towards a repeal, which is defund all the Obamacare mandates

I think this is a handy stopgap measure, if we can get a defunding bill passed, naturally Obama will veto, then we can utilize gridlock, given the unpopularity of Obamacare and Democrats right now, we should be in good position to win in that gridlock, either by getting the defunding signed or by doing damage to the left's polling.  Of course if we get full 60 Senate, House and Oval Office, well, all the better.  From there we can probably start dismantling bits and pieces of Obamacare by slipping repealing measures into unrelated bills.  While I'm disgusted by that type of act generally (see Frist's ban on intarwebs gambling or any number of pork deals or attempted gun bans), I've reached that "If Hitler invaded Hell I'd put a good word in for the Devil in the House of Commons" stage, and I'm willing to bend my own rules to crush these fascist vermin on the left.  But I think Hawkins has this about right, defunding is going to probably be the first practical step in defeating Obamacare.

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March 15, 2010

Hawkins interviews Rove

Worth reading, I'd like to find out what, if anything Rove would have to say about the giant Medicare expansion they spearheaded.  Maybe it's in his book.

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