July 18, 2010

Hey! I Have An Answer!

No link to him, but while "true conservative" David Frum was filling in for "true conservative" Andrew Sullivan, Frummie had the sparkling idea of a one sentence mission statement for "modernized, reformed conservatism".

Yeah. From Frum. What, were David Brooks and Charles Johnson unavailable? But anyway, I have my own one sentence mission statement:

"Fuck anybody or anything with the flaming fucksword of freedom who wants to fucking limit the freedom and economic prosperity of all people and their security, be it domestically at the hands of a bloated and overtaxing bureaucratic Leviathan, or internationally, through weakening our ability to kill those who want to kill us or limit our ability to reach out and get the bad guys before they get us."

There. And I fucking didn't need four long winded and self important posts over at Sully's place to do it. And besides, fuck David Frum. Fuck that fuckgobblin with a corrosive fuckcamel's cock for thinking he can tell us what we need to think, do, and believe after spending years belittling and demeaning those of us he deems to unsavory to acknowledge. Fuck him for linking up with Andrew Sullivan to claim the high ground in the debate on our nation's future. And fuckingly fuckity fuck him for fucking being an arrogant and whiny fuckwaffle for attacking us, and then crying like a 30 cent crack whore who has to face her pimp after an unsuccessful night of business when he gets slapped around by those he insults and demeans.

Fuck you, Frummie. That is all.

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