May 28, 2010

Interview with Mike Pence

Hawkins has a decent interview with Mike Pence up, this stuck out to me,

Are you familiar with Right Wing News?

Of course.

Really? I'm surprised.

Yes, I visit you often, thanks.

The thought that a Congressman may have actually read my insane scribblings is slightly horrifying...then again, my insane scribblings make a hell of a lot more sense than most of what Congress is saying and doing anyway...most of the time.  Heh. 

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May 13, 2010

Yeah, just too rational, that's the ticket

Rick Moran, writing for The Moderate (yet reliably liberal) Voice claims that Utahns shitcanned Bob Bennett because he is too rational for the GOP right now.  He notes Bennett's support of the Bush Amnesty Bill, TARP and his effort to make a "compromised" sellout on socialist medicine.  He says this,

In short, it was a good old fashioned senate compromise on a thorny issue that, in another less mindlessly partisan time, would have served as a starting point for the two parties to work out their differences.

This is ridiculous, and Moran knows this, because its been hashed out eighty bajillion times in the blogosphere, at this stage we have a huge, huge split in philosophical and political thought in the US, and that's not going away.  There is no common ground to be had anymore, our philosophy is far too separated from the left's for there to be much in the way of reconciliation.  The only way to relieve tension from this philosophical and political divide is to decentralize government in a major way to relieve pressure, let the left run their states and communities their way, we'll run ours our way, but we're not going to see that happen, not as power hungry as the left is. 


The Tea Party forces don’t want cooperation with the opposition to address the pressing needs of the people; they want war.

Oh no, we didn't ask for this war, we've been dragged into it by the left and elements of the right, and let me tell you,
We intend to make statists howl.

And any Republican incumbent viewed as less than ideologically committed to total victory will be in trouble this year.

Bullshit.  This is not about demanding pure ideological rigidity from all GOPers, this is about having certain basic expectations from GOPers, we expect Scott Brown to be RINOy, yet we supported him strongly.  This is friggin' UTAH we're talking about here, it's wingnutty wingnut central there (and God bless'em for it!), we expect that their representatives are gonna be eeeeeeeevil wingnutty wingnuts themselves, and so do Utahns.  Bennett forgot that about his state, and sold out in the name of Getting Things DoneTM, even if those things were horribly destructive, or were at least sowing the seeds of destruction.  We're not interested in Getting Things DoneTM for the sake of Getting Things DoneTM anymore, and clearly Utah Republicans aren't either. 

Bottom line is, we upgraded from giant shit sandwich to a burger in Massachusetts, and from a burger to filet mignon in Utah, and we had no reason not to, and we have nothing to apologize for.  And we're going to keep upgrading where we can, because we know what is best in life,

We aren't going away this time.

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