June 07, 2008

The Club for Growth endorses Sean Parnell

Those of you who read my blog in the past already know this, but for the uninitiated, one of my biggest annoyances is when conservatives use a bad presidential candidate as a way to excuse inactivity in grassroots activism. If you don't like the top of the ticket, you need to find someone further down the ticket to help out through donations, volunteering, or promotion.

My candidate of choice this election season is Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell of Alaska, who is trying to get rid of Kleptocrat Don Young. He's secured the endorsements of Gov. Sarah Palin, RedState, and National Review. Now, we can add the Club for Growth to that list (emphasis mine):

The reason for the endorsement is simple. Mr. Parnell is a solid conservative who led the fight for lower taxes and spending in the state legislature, and joined Gov. Sarah Palin in pushing for reform in the state. The man he is hoping to replace isn't economically conservative in the least. Mr. Young is actually a poster child for what has gone wrong with the Republican Party in Washington.

Over his 35 years in Congress, Mr. Young made himself into the most powerful Republican on the House Transportation Committee. But instead of using his power to steer Republicans down a principled, conservative track, he helped derail the GOP train in 2006.


The Alaska primary represents a crossroads for Republicans. Will party leaders line up behind Mr. Young, even as the Justice Department is looking into his earmarks? Or will they tell him they cannot support a member who has flagrantly disrespected taxpayers and abandoned Republican principles?

Sadly, we already know the answer to this question. If you can help Lt. Gov. Parnell, please do.

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