April 19, 2009

Someone to watch: Ryan Frazier

Ryan Frazier is a city councilman for Aurora, a large Denver suburb. He is a Navy veteran, has an intelligence background, and he's done an excellent job of balancing public service with staying involved and in touch with the private sector. He's a supporter of small business and a champion of personal liberties.  Ryan's also an inspiring public speaker - the video I'm posting here doesn't even begin to convey the energy he brings into a room when he speaks.

Ryan announced he has filed an exploratory committee to run for Senate on his Twitter feed.  He'll be running against Michael Bennet, who was nominated in place of Ken Salazar when Salazar was sucked into the Obama administration.  While I don't find Bennet personally offensive, I don't consider him trustworthy - he made a commitment to superintend Denver Public Schools for five years but left after just three.  Many people in DPS feel that Bennet used the district as a stepping stone.

Ryan Frazier is qualified, knowledgeable, and inspiring. I've considered him one of the fresh faces to watch in the new GOP since I heard him speak several months ago, and I'm excited that he's decided to make the plunge to run for Senate.  He's someone we can trust to watch out for us.

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