January 04, 2009

Some opportunities

ATR is holding a debate for the RNC Chair candidates and saw it fit to offer the public a forum to offer up questions.  Pat Ruffini at The Next Right argues that the questions shouldn't be based on policy, but can they effectively run the RNC and win election.  To an extent, I agree. 

Naturally, there is a good bit of Paulnut spamming (which I highly recommend we swat down), which grates at Ruffini, but I'd caution him a bit on throwing the Paulnut perjorative around, particularly toward pro-2nd set.  I see our fellow moron USCitizen (Gun nut? Hell yeah! Paulnut? Hell naw!) asked if the candidates would affirm the Second Amendment.  I'd argue that pro-2nd activists have been far more effective at utilizing the internet and achieving their policy goals than the GOP, RNC and conservatives at large.

A fair question, and if I had to guess, that question is meant for Michael Steele, who has gone on record as an anti.  But I'd also apply Ruffini's point here, instead of asking for an affirmation of the Second (which they'll all offer, even if we know it's bullshit from some of them), question Steele's anti-2nd policies and thinking, and try and show it'll adversely effect his ability to run the RNC.  Here are some of the ways I'd question Steele on the 2nd,

Would Steele's ignorance about firearms, the Second and pro-2nd activists adversely effect the RNC's ability to back up pro-2nd candidates and advocate for their cause?  I'd also ask him if he has learned anything from the highly successful organization efforts of pro-2nd activists, both in traditional media, person to person activism and a stout online presence.  They have been for the most part no-compromise, and hugely successful in pushing back the anti-2nd agenda, and then ask him what has learned from them.

Pro-2nd activists been credited with being a major factor in defeating the Democrats in 1994, Al Gore in 2000, and John Kerry in 2004, and are known for being reliable voters, as long as you're on their side.  Democrats have gone from being aggressively anti-2nd to keeping their heads down and their mouths shut when the issue of gun control comes up.  Not to mention the defeat of the attempt to reauthorize the AWB and Heller.  Is Steele going to be able to learn lessons from the NRA's effectiveness?

Does Steele understand why the NRA and other pro-2nd activists are so effective?  Can he understand the importance of working with pro-2nd activists?  Is he going to be able to try and understand pro-2nd advocates?  What about gun control is conservative?  How does it mesh with the GOP's smaller government brand? 

There are ways to question Steele and other candidates on policy that are relevant to what an RNC Chairman does, make them squirm.  Robert Bluey takes a similar approach here, hammering Steele for repeatedly backing RINOs (who would later become Democrat turncoats) over conservatives, only to see the RINOs lose, and then turn against the GOP. 

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