October 21, 2008

Sarah's letting herself be Sarah

Ben Domenech thinks that this means that Palin is already running for 2012.  If so, good for her.  She's breaking free of McCain's handlers and it looks like she's even annoying them a bit:

On Sunday night, she twice took questions from reporters, the first time on an airport tarmac without her press staff’s knowledge.

After landing in Colorado Springs late Sunday, Ms. Palin marched over to a local television crew and began answering questions on camera, sending the traveling press corps sprinting in pursuit, and her press staff scrambling.

“Get Tracey,” one campaign aide barked into his headset, calling for Tracey Schmitt, Ms. Palin’s ever-watchful spokeswoman, who rushed over to supervise the impromptu press conference. (Ms. Schmitt, looking distressed, tried several times to cut it off with a terse “Thank you!” in between questions, to no avail.)
Meanwhile, both Joe Biden and Barack Obama were unavailable for comment

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