August 05, 2008

My conference call with Jeff Beatty

This weekend I had the chance to talk to Jeff Beatty, who is seeking to unseat Sen. John Kerry from his lofty, haughty perch in the U.S. Senate. We were able to talk one-on-one about the state of the race and what he plans to do for the people of Massachusetts.

Noting that Massachusetts is a deep blue state, I asked him what issues he planned on highlighting during the campaign that would have crossover appeal to Democratic voters. Mr. Beatty believes that when people are in the voting booth, they’ll be thinking about more than the letters after someone’s name. The people of Massachusetts will ask themselves who they trust to protect their job, their country, and their family. He and his campaign like the answers people get when they ask themselves those questions.

He also noted that while the Democratic legislature has the ability to gerrymander districts in statewide races, the Senatorial race is statewide. Before Gov. Deval Patrick took office after the 2006 elections, Republicans had controlled the governor’s office for 16 years. On top of that, Gov. Deval Patrick’s disapproval ratings are very high.

I then asked if there were any of Gov. Patrick’s policies that his campaign could tie Sen. Kerry to. Naturally, there were. Illegal immigration will likely play a role in this campaign, as Gov. Patrick has just put forth a plan to give in-state benefits to illegal aliens. Sen. Kerry supports this unpopular move. Also, as I expected, Jeff Beatty plans on highlighting the contrast in tax policy between Sen. Kerry and himself. He will be seeking votes of union members who have lost their jobs because plants have relocated out of Massachusetts due to the outrageously high taxes Democrats have imposed there.

I spent the last minute or so of the call giving a couple of suggestions for the campaign. (Presumptuous on my part, but he was a nice guy and indulged me.) First, given the number of small family businesses that are started by minorities, I suggested that he highlight his belief that the death tax should be eliminated as a way of promoting economic growth within minority communities. As he had mentioned union members before, I said that he should point out that by opposing off-shore drilling and oil exploration in ANWR, Sen. Kerry is opposing new union jobs for Massachusetts and the nation.

I left this call being much more optimistic about Jeff Beatty’s chances to unseat Sen. Kerry, which is a good feeling for a candidate to inspire. I believe that Jeff Beatty is committed to winning every vote this fall. However, he will not do it by blurring the lines between the two parties, but by offering free market solutions to the problems of every American regardless of their party affiliation.

You can donate to Jeff Beatty’s campaign here, and be sure to visit his website to volunteer if you are in Massachusetts.

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