July 19, 2008

Jeff Flake's about to have some company

It always makes me happy to hear a candidate for Congress talk like this:

"I'm angry at Republican leadership and I'm angry at the people who have demeaned the political process by claiming corruption," Cannon said during an interview this week.

And it appears his successor plans to follow in the mold of one of the politicians Cannon railed against by name: Jeff Flake. In an earlier interview, Jason Chaffetz, who beat Cannon in Utah's June primary for the Republican nomination, lauded Flake, the anti-earmark crusader, and said he wants to be Flake's "wingman."
Cannon says that Flake, an Arizona congressman, is a friend, but has harped on earmarks to the detriment of his own party by not fully explaining the issue.
I haven't blogged about Rep. Flake over here at doubleplusundead, but he is one of my favorite House members.  Chaffetz' use of Flake as a model, especially contrasted with the incumbent's position, makes me proud to support him. 

You can donate to Jason Chaffetz' campaign here

(Also, if you know of any other candidates in the mold of Jason Chaffetz of Utah or Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell of Alaska, please tell me and if I will toss up a story or two for them.)

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