June 10, 2008

In which I shill for Sarah Palin...

Philip Klein over at the American Spectator's blog thinks that Gov. Sarah Palin could be McCain's best bet for VP.  I think he makes an interesting point here:

I could see her helping on the national security issue. Beyond the Iraq War, I think one of the reasons Republicans are having more trouble appealing to voters on national security grounds is that tough rhetoric often comes across as testosterone-driven, locker room, chest pounding. But as a mother of five with her eldest son in the Army, Palin could really make the case to other security moms as to why McCain is the best candidate to protect their families. I was watching this Charlie Rose interview with her, and (around the 10 minute mark), she talks about her son joining the Army, and says, "This kid is doing all that he can within his power to help secure and defend the United States, every elected official had better be asking themselves, are you doing as much also? Are you doing all that you can?"

Be sure to head to the link to see Klein's concerns about having Palin at the bottom of the ticket. 

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