July 15, 2008

I think it should have been my guy, too.

Karol has started a series of entries on her blog featuring people who have had to face the reality that their chosen candidate didn't make it. 

- Karol explains her transition from "anybody but McCain" to McCain.

- Guest blogger Todd Seavy explains his switch from NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani to Bob Barr.

- A former Romney staffer follows his old boss' lead and supports Sen. John McCain.

- A Paulbot comes to grips with the fall of the rEVOLution, and embraces Bob Barr.  (Barr's level of Jew-hatred isn't where it needs to be, but he's making peace with that.  I keed, I keed.)

- A FredHead from SavetheGOP.com stumps for McCain.

My guy was Rudy Giuliani.  I was with him from January 2007.  It was in that month that I made my first ever donation to a political campaign.  I briefly volunteered for his campaign in Virginia, before I had to move back to Kentucky in October.  His campaign began crumbling shortly thereafter, I like to think it was because I was no longer working for him.  I even kept the bumper sticker on my car until he officially bowed out after the Florida primary.

Right now I plan on voting for Sen. McCain in the fall.  There are only two things that could change that.  First, if McCain chooses to be a mavericky maverick and choose a maverick vice president like Gov. Charlie Crist or (God forbid) Sen. Joe Lieberman he loses my vote.  Second to that would be a move to Washington, DC.  Living in a city that votes 90% Democrat is freeing that way.  I could vote for Bob Barr without feeling I was helping a Marxist like Obama get into office.  (So if you are in a position to hire someone in DC, hint hint.)

I don't know about you all, but I'm ready for 2012. 

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