April 09, 2009

I disagree with the Magnificent Bastard

I don't often have reason to say this, but I'm in disagreement with Karl Rove and his recent statements regarding the divisiveness of President Obama's presidency.

The same poll also found that 76% of independents worry that government will spend too much to help the economy; only 12% worry it will spend too little. Independents oppose Mr. Obama's proposed budget by a 55%-37% margin.

If independents continue looking more like Republicans, especially on deficits, spending and the economy, Mr. Obama and congressional Democrats could be in for a rough ride.

Independents aren't starting to look like Republicans, Mr. Rove. The Democratic party has moved so far to the left with the election and subsequent blind support of President Obama that it is becoming harder and harder for any rational person to continue supporting the Dems. Obama is not polarizing the country - he is giving the majority of the country a common enemy in the socialization of our economy and the "Blame America First" mentality. A few more years of this, as independents begin to recognize that the goal of the far left is the destruction of our country's foundations, and the country may well be nearly as united against the far left as we were after the September 11 attacks.

Obama isn't dividing the country, he's uniting it - but not in the way he hoped. After Carter came Reagan, after Obama will come another era of conservatism.  Obama's greatest gift to our country may end up being the two presidential terms after he leaves office.

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