April 01, 2010

He's still America's Greatest Patriot

Not like you stupid neocons.  I've been in the trenches man, just today I set up eight proxies to hit this warmongering neocon tool's rating on his interview with the Man himself.  It's like that sometimes, the sewers you have to crawl into to make sure America's Greatest Patriot is not only heard, but then to spam the polls to make it look like cultist devo...er, lots and lots of grassroots support stands behind one Congressman Ron Paul. 

Look at how that neocon tries to trap The Good Congressman with that earmark question and the Civil War question.  Pathetic.  But the Doctor carves up those bits of idiocy like a...uh...um...a doctor with a scalpel, and the scalpel is the Constitution.  The answer was the Constitution stupid, it always was, it always is with Ron Paul.  And it's true, Lincoln and the money men up north could have bought all the slaves, it's true, Congressman Ron Paul said so.  That's why he's America's Greatest Patriot. 

Naturally the coward neocon interviewer avoided bringing up the American Empire, the Pentaverate, the Bilderbergers, the Whataburgers, the Illuminati, and of course he didn't bring up the sham that is our fiat currency system.  What an embarrassing display.  I respect the Good Congressman for his willingness to crawl into any sewer to spread the good word and beacon of light that is the Constitution on these people, but I couldn't stomach it.  Hitting polls however?  Yeah, that's easy, and it drives the neocons and globalists fucking crazy.

Look, I'll make it simple for you neocon trash, if you do not love one Congressman Ron Paul, you do not love the Constitution, and if you don't love the Constitution, you do not love America.  If you do not lust for the warm embrace of one Congressman Ron Paul, you do not love America, it's that simple.  And before you say anything, you neocon warmonger, there's nothing gay in that, just profound respect for the Constitution...and maybe ear nibbling...just a little.

No poll today, I spent eight fucking hours sitting in my bunker hitting polls in the past...eight hours, even I have my limits.

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