September 03, 2008

Enjoy your exile, Ms. Noonan

Over the past year or two, the level of respect I held for Peggy Noonan has dropped.  Indeed, in the past few months, it has nearly dissipated entirely.  I find her writing and the thinking expressed in those writings to be increasingly erratic, she's no longer the eloquent thinker for conservatism she once was.

She almost improved her standing with me in her WSJ opinion piece this morning.  Allah even linked the piece this morning in it's own post, praising it.  I almost wrote about it too, but I hesitated given how flaky Noonan has been over the past few months.  Turns out my instincts were right.  A tape of Noonan talking on open mic with some of her Beltway buddies was leaked to TPM,

Conservatives have been talking about a purge of the corrupt, RINO Beltway elite for a while now.  It has begun.  It is quite sad to see a Reaganite like Noonan descend into this sort of slimy duplicity, but it is what it is, and I'm glad I know the truth now.

*Bonus:  Kathryn Jean Lopez is defending the indefensible.

Update:  Nice try, but game over Noonan, no one believes you.  Unless MSNBC decides to vindicate you, you're about to be banished from the City on the Hill.

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